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We are still looking for sponsors and those willing to help. We hope to have television news coverage, print media and web in which our sponsors will be showcased. Please contact us with any questions.


Bennick Grading & Excavation - Ensured and Bonded
Your source for Grading, Land Clearing, Grinding, Ponds, Home Sites, Road Building, Earthmoving, Hauling, Excavation, Commercial/Residential, Septic Systems and Lake James Marine Construction with Shoreline Stabilization by Barge. - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Phone: Days 828.442.2273 Nights 828.652.8534 Website Coming Soon!

If we trust our vision to Smith® Goggles as we speed through the desert at speeds over 100mph, shouldn't you? Check them out, truly a product where style meets function.

In the desert racing for hundreds of miles per stretch we are going to need quick energy. Since it is a "race" and we won't have time to stop for a picnic in the beautiful surroundings of the Baja peninsula, we are going to rely on GU Sports® and their energy drink and gel. Try them for yourself.

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If you have never ridden with Pro Taper Handlebars you don't know what you are missing. I have used them in motocross for years. For me they lessen arm pump and are less likely to bend in crashes than normal bars. If you have ridden with Pro Taper Handlebars then I don't have to explain why we would choose them for the Baja 1000 and the rough miles of diverse desert we will be riding. http://www.protaper.com/

If you see us breezing along at the Charlotte or San Diego airports take a look at our Thor Wheelie Gear Bags. With 5.25 cubic feet of space we will have room for our helmet, boots, gear and more and with the retractable t-handle and molded wheels we will be as fast at the airport as we hope to be in Baja. Check out Thor MX and see why top riders like Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed choose Thor. http://www.thormx.com/


Spider Write - Web Design, Advertising & Graphic Arts

Lake Side Machine

Truett 's Mechanical Insulation
Phone: 828.652.1777

Mountain View Realty

Advanced Concepts Suspension


Chamber's Edge Landscaping
Phone: 828.442.1606

West 64 Cycles

Titan Cycles

Fuller's Cycles

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