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We are still looking for sponsors and those willing to help. We hope to have television news coverage, print media and web in which our sponsors will be showcased. Please contact us with any questions.


November 15, 2005
We fly out tomorrow for the race. This will be short because I have to pack. Check back after the race to see how we did and to see pictures of it all. Wish us luck and say a prayer.

November 9, 2005

We finally got the finishing touches done on the bike and got it packed and shipped this week. The bike will arrive on Friday, November 11th in California. We will catch up to it on November 16th flying into San Diego that morning. We will spend that day getting the bike put back together and shaking off our jet lag. Here are some before and after shots or our race machine. (click pics to enlarge)

1 2 3
left to right: Pic1 is when we got the 2001 XR 650R before any modifications. Pic2 is after we did major race modificatons such as steering damper, engine overhaul, HID lights and 4 gallon fuel tank. Pic3 is the bike crated up and ready to ship.

October 26, 2005
We have or Baja 1000 race number. We are number 273x. Work continues to be done on our XR 650R. All of the team has purchased our tickets to fly to San Diego for the race. We are still putting together the other many odds and ends. This race is going to be as much about preparation as it is determination. We are still looking for sponsors and those who want to be involved. We were surprised and happy to see our site coming in at the top of Google for a "2005 Baja 1000" search. We hope that it gives our sponsors and those helping some of the recognition they deserve. Look for more news later as we keep working to put this thing together.

October 10, 2005
As any of you who race knows it can be very tedious preparing for a race. Multiply that by about 10 and you will start to get an idea of what goes into trying to get ready to race a race on the other side of the country. Not to mention getting a bike prepped and shipped to California for the grueling 1000 miles race that takes two days to complete, there is getting a team of 4 to 6 riders ready to go including training, air travel, and lodging.

Speaking of the bike, we have been working hard on getting our Honda XR 650R ready. Suspension is going to play a key roll in navigating the hazardous always changing desert terrain. Jeff Elkins of Advanced Concepts Suspension (828.442.5872) and team member is setting our suspension up.

Another major cost and necessity for racing the Baja 1000 is pits. We will be using the Baja pits that are set up every 60 miles or so. These pit fees cost $400.00 and will be where we refuel and make fixes and adjustments to the bike over the thousand mile course.

Check these sites for North Carolina Hare Scramble Information. This is where our team spends a lot of our race time.

Check back soon for new information...

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