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For McDowell County customers that are hosted with Spider Write Web Design, you are automatically listed in the directory of McDowellNC.com.

If your business needs a web site we have two options to serve you.

1) A complete full service web design including multiple professionally designed web pages. This web design is provided by Spider Write Web Design here in Marion, NC. Please see the Spider Write web site for a list of services, sample work and prices at www.spiderwrite.com.

2) A comprehensive one page design that gives your most important information including logo, address, e-mails, directions and descriptions of your business. Not every business needs an extensive web site and the costs involved with the design and hosting. For as little as $150, which includes your first year listing fee, you can have a web pressence with your most vital information online and easily accesible for the world to see. Call or e-mail us for details.

Many businesses and organizations in McDowell County already have a web site. What these sites are missing is traffic. Having the correct code in your site will help search engines catalog your site. Beyond this the next most helpful way to drive up your web traffic is to have links to your site. This site is made to service McDowell County. So much in the same way that one might use the yellow pages to find a business or service, this site will provide the citizens of McDowell County a quick and convenient place to find a business or service online. Unlike the yellow pages which provide dated information, with a web pressence the user gets more dynamic information.
The cost for a listing and link of your present web site is $5.00 per month or $39.95 per year, payable in advance..


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